Top 10 things to consider as we open our BACK LOT!

Hey guys here is our top 10 things to remember as we open our BACK LOT:

1. We can’t wait to see you & we THANK YOU for your support!!
2. All guest should enter through the main entrance and wait to be seated (first come, first serve – unless you have a reservation)
3. Masks must be work in the building, but may be removed while seated outside
4. We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility
5. All of our door handles are anti-microbial
6. All tables and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected between guests
7. Smoking is not permitted in our Back Lot, our smoking area has not moved and is located near the front of the building
8. Restrooms are inside the bar area
9. Be patient with us and our staff, this is new to all of us.

We will open at 5pm 5.29.2020 and be open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

Thank you all!